Shellac Attack AKA My Shellac Experience Review

my sister and I’s pretty nails

This past Saturday I finally got to try Shellac for the first time. I was super excited, and have to say I haven’t been let down. Today is Thursday, about 5 days since I got my nails done, and they are still looking great.

Here’s what you need to know about Shellac:

– Shellac is about 3/4 polish and 1/4 gel. This ratio is what makes Shellac so long lasting. Also because of its special polish and gel mixture no buffing is required prior to applying.

-Shellac cures rather than dries, which is super cool because it means when you leave the salon your nails will be 100% dry, no sitting under the dryer after your mani.

-When I got my Shellac applied the Nail Artist used a special UV light by CND to cure/dry the Shellac between coats. My hand went under the lamp for about 10 seconds after the base coat and somewhere around 2 min for each coat of color.

-Shellac polish can be layered to create different colors, shades, looks etc. This is so cool. You wouldn’t imagine all of the different looks that can be created with just a few bottles.

-Shellac is long lasting and is said to staying looking good for about 2 weeks

-To keep your Shellac looking nice and looking great, and to keep your nails healthy at the same time, apply solar oil to your nails at least once daily.

I went to nail expert extraordinaire, Melissa at Estilo Salon in West Glen. She did a fabulous job and nicely answered all my questions about Shellac. I would strongly recommend going to Melissa for your next nail appointment. The woman can do anything plus she is super nice and a great conversationalist! What more could you ask for? If Estilo Salon isn’t exactly in your neck of the woods visit to find a salon in your area that does Shellac.

Melissa filled me in on what to look for in a salon offering Shellac. My sister had come with and got her nails done too, but she was just visiting from Denver so Melissa happily gave her info on how to upkeep her nails and find a salon when she gets back home.

What to Look For In A Shellac Salon:

-When Shellac is removed from the nail, acetone is used. If you plan on getting Shellac done on a regular basis you will probably want to have it removed at a salon. Here’s why, acetone can be hard on your nails, fingers and cuticles alike. You may have soaked your hands in the stuff before to remove acrylic nails. If you want to keep your nails strong and healthy make sure to go to salon who uses wraps to remove Shellac. Unlike soaking your nails in acetone, wraps are gentler on your fingers because they keep the acetone on your nail so the rest of your fingers are left unharmed.

-When looking for a place to get your nails did, make sure they don’t file your Shellac nails. This is a big Shellac no no.

-Also make sure the salon doesn’t buff  your nail prior to applying the Shellac. This is a perk of Shellac, no buffing necessary the Shellac will adhere and cure to your nail without it. Plus buffing your nails, like they do prior to applying acrylic nails, really weakens and damages your natural nails.

*Note this post has been curated from my first attempt at blogging but thought I would include it here.


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