Knee High By The Fourth Of July

Actually, I should say knee high by the sixth of July!

The Mr. meant to take me around the farm on the fourth to checkout the fields, but with all the friends and family around we got distracted. After a nice date night in, grilling some burgers Mr. took me around on the Polaris, my first time, to check things out. See a pic of our ride below. It was a perfect night out right before the sunset. I loved getting to spend some time with my guy while he taught me about the progress of the crops this year, and I asked a few questions that started with “This may be a stupid question but…”

july 6th farm photos

The Polaris, our farm ride

The Polaris, our farm ride

Below are photos of the corn test plots. Keep in mind that the corn in these plots got planted last this season. It’s still doing well and is quite tall. This year we’ve got test plots from KC, Stine and Dekalb. We also have some test plots for beans. Those still have to be sprayed, so I’ll talk more about those in a following post when I have some photos.


IMG_0923 IMG_0924

How are the fields near you looking? Do you have any test plots?

“Iowa, Iowa, that’s where the tall corn grows!”


2 thoughts on “Knee High By The Fourth Of July

  1. Hey Gabrielle its Matt Hall from Wartburg. The corn and soybeans you guys have lookl pretty good! In Webster County the corn is shorter and less even, some of the beans are barely up. There are a good portion of fields that didn’t get planted this year as people just took preventative planting insurance on it. Way to much rain this spring into summer meant my uncles only finished the last bit of planting a week and a half ago.

    • Hi Matt, good to hear from you! We were very lucky to get everything planted. I’m glad your uncle finished planting. My husband is actually ready for a little rain again. I bet our uncles are too now that they have finished planting.

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