What’s In My Gym Bag

My gym bag

My gym bag

Can anyone else waste a bunch of time searching “What’s in my gym bag” or “What’s in my purse” blog posts? I know I can. My favorite part of the U.S. Weekly magazine is the section where a celebrity dumps out their purse, and they report on the contents. I don’t know why I find it so interesting besides the chance to happen upon a new favorite product!

Without further ado here is the list of what is in my bag. Starting with my sneaks and going in a semi clockwise fashion

  1. Nike Free Runs – love them, so comfy bright and fun!
  2. YogiToes Mat Towel – for those hot yoga classes where you are dripping with sweat, this keeps me from slipping from said sweat
  3. Baby Wipes – for cleaning up after a quick workout before whatever else my day calls for

    Close up

    Close up

  4. Nike Bag – houses all the tools that get it done with enough room for my workout clothes or my work clothes once I change
  5. Gaaim Sol Mat – Great beginner’s yoga mat, that is also recyclable
  6. Headband Stash – Can’t make it through a workout without a headband! My go to’s are from Lululemon, Athleta and Under Armour
  7. Ban Deodorant – Enough said
  8. Pink Everlast Kickboxing Gloves – Because tough girls like pink too
  9. Blender Bottle – For post workout protein shakes
  10. Adidas Sparkle Sandals – Super comfy and look better pre and post workout with my exercise apparel than my work shoes
  11. 3 lb. Hand Weights – I use these for a hot yoga sculpt class I take. The other light weights always go fast and lifting is challenging while sweaty
  12. Ear buds – So I can rock out while getting my cardio on

    Close up

    Close up

  13. Crystal Light Energy Packet – In case I need a little pick me up pre-gym
  14. Yoga Strap – Helps me get some good stretching after a nice workout
  15. SPI Belt – I wear mine while biking to hold my iPhone so I can listen to my jams but they are great for runners too
  16. Lululemon Strap – to carry my yoga mat
  17. Hair Ties – always need back up
  18. Under Armour Weight Lifting Gloves – love these they are super gripy and really help with my kettlebell workouts
  19. Hairbrush
  20. MyZone Strap – Captures my heart rate, calories burned as well as MEPs
  21. Water bottle
  22. Sweat band
  23. Advocare SPARK- for preworkout energy
  24. Advocare Protein Shakes
  25. Target Up & Up Brand Make-Up Remover Towelettes

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