Thursday Kickboxing, Awesome Until I Sprained My Ankle

Thursday, after a long day at work I was ready to zoom out of the office and get myself to Kosama to coach some kickboxing. Kickboxing day is always my favorite!

Some of my favorite faces were there to join in the fun!


Coach Sherri & I in our matching outfits

Coach Tiff & I, workout buddies turned coaches

Coach Tiff & I, workout buddies turned coaches

Our first class went great! We had a new trainer on the mic who rocked it while I demonstrated.

Then came time for the second and last class of the night. We had a small one.

My ankles side by side

My ankles side by side

Always hard to get everyone pumped up and working their hardest in a tiny group. Somehow in the midst of trying to amp them up during high-knees, I landed wrong, twisted my ankle and fell to the ground on the stage of course. Embarrassing? sure kind of, but more bummed that I have to stay off it for a bit. Hoping for speedy healing. It’s only Saturday and I’m restless.


My new accessory

Trying to stay positive and get excited for when I can get back in the workout game. Using this time to catch up on rest, work, reading and blogging. Giving some thought to words Kerri, another inspiring Coach/Coworker/Friend from Kosama, always shares we she is teaching thank your body for all it does for you and be thankful for your ability to move and be active. Thanks for the reminder Kerri! It is so easy to take these blessings for granted. Using this forced little break as a reminder.


How things looked after my shower today

Have you sprained your ankle? Any fast recovery tips?


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