Goals, Dreams & Wishes for 25

Hey All!

In light of celebrating my birthday. I thought it would be a good year to reflect and set some goals, dreams and wishes for year 25. Twenty-four was a pretty great year I became a Kosama trainer, made some new friends, celebrated my wedding with showers and parties too, went on a fantastic honeymoon with my husband and moved into our home together. Lots of changes and growing up happened, now looking forward to 25 here are some of my goals.


It was hard to narrow them down but I figured I’d be better off if I didn’t overwhelm myself!

Incorporate two lifting days a week: I definitely realize the importance of strength training. However, in the past these would be the first workouts I’d skip opting for cardio instead when I was low on time or had a busy week. My goal is to become as dedicated to lifting as I am to cardio. I’m not afraid of bulking up, this is a misconception many women have, I just want to build muscle and feel strong.

Blog at least two days a week: Blogging has been a goal/dream of mine for quite sometime. For those of you who don’t know this is my second attempt at a blog, and so far it is going much better than my first try a few years ago! I feel more focused and more passionate about what I’m writing. I want to continue working on improving my blog, and I think that starts with committing to at least two posts a week.

Attend fitbloggin’ conference: I just learned about this conference this summer from reading the recaps of several fitness bloggers I admire. Not only did it look like a blast and a wonderful way to meet some new friends, but the topics sounded very informative. Bloggers also got the opportunity to try many fitness classes, how cool is that? I love trying new workouts. I look forward to working towards this goal this year as I build up my blog.

Get certified: I’m currently debating between two different certifications that I’m interested in getting. My goal is to decide and get certified in one of the two, then determine where I go next. After I complete one of these certifications, I have my eye on a few others that would require more of my time.

Continue search for happy and balance: This goal speaks to several areas of my life. I desire to continue striving for happiness and balance with my work, commitments and time I need for myself as well as with my family. I’d say this goal also incorporates some of the goals I had last year especially meeting new people and working on relationships. Therefore along with this goal I would also like to continue to work on some goals I had for 24.

Top secret: This goal is top secret. I’ll tell you more about it when, and if I can.


4 thoughts on “Goals, Dreams & Wishes for 25

  1. Great goals Gabe! A friend just asked me today if I had any big plans for the year, and I couldn’t think of any! That needs to change, and I’m officially inspired by your lead. Thank you!

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