Fashion Dilemmas Solved

I got a good one for you today kids, fashion dilemmas solved! Alright so while I can’t fix all of your fashion woes here are a few of my go to tools on the web that help me when I’m in a pickle.

Dilemma #1: After catching the latest episode of Pretty Little Liars, The Bachelor, or whatever your guilty pleasure T.V. show of choice may be, you can’t seem to get your mind off those killer boots the lead character was rocking or the necklace she was sporting on her blind date that went horriblly wrong. What is a girl to do? Enter this girl is a fashion saint! She watches all your shows and hunts down the duds they sport so you don’t have to.

Photos from Possessionista

Photos from Possessionista

photo from Possessionista

photo from Possessionista

Last summer I searched the web for the dress and earrings Emily Maynard is pictured wearing above. I thought they would be perfect for my rehearsal dinner. I was sure they would be out of my budget but thought there would be no harm in checking to make sure. Guess what? Thanks to Possessionista, I tracked down both the dress and the earrings. The dress was even on sale! It was a fashion miracle.

The Mr. and I at our rehearsal dinner

The Mr. and I at our rehearsal dinner

Dilemma #2: You roll out of bed, wonder what the temperature is as you pick out your ensemble for the day. If you are an Iowan, seasons mean very little to the temperature. Our weather has a mind of its own. Enter your new best friend, Style Up. Style Up delivers fashion advice daily to your email inbox based on preferences you select such as office dress code. Set your location and Style Up will give you weather appropriate suggestions. Rate looks and let Style Up get to know your fashion preferences. Need help picking an outfit for a special event? Submit a request and Style Up will provide you with three suggestions. Dressing drama solved. Now if only the computer could do my hair…

Here's what my email looked like today

Here’s what my email looked like today


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