Announcing My Attendance at the Healthy Living Summit

Happy Wednesday All,

I am super excited to fill you in that I will be attending the Healthy Living Summit in Minneapolis this upcoming September. It is a blogging conference for fitness/health focused bloggers, and I couldn’t be more excited. In fact, I’m so excited that I downloaded this app thanks to a recommendation from the Athletarian (check her out on Instragram too)  to countdown the days!


I decided that a ticket to this conference would be my birthday present to myself this year. After working with some bloggers in my day job and following some fitness blogs I became inspired and reenergized about giving blogging another go.

Screen Shot 2013-07-31 at 12.44.24 PM

I happened upon this post by the Fitnessita about Fitbloggin’ and immediately followed all the bloggers she mentioned and searched more about the conference. Needless to say things are falling into place. I think this conference will be a good first step for me. As you may know, from my post on Goals for 25, my goal is to attend Fitbloggin’ next year too and hopefully meet all of these fitness bloggers I admire so much.

I believe this is a step in the right in direction in working towards both my goal of attending Fitbloggin’, and my goal of posting at least twice a week. Now, I need to make those first steps in my lifting goal. Setting lifting days!

My first step in my secret goal will take place next week, well it could be considered my second, either way I’m nervous!

What goals are you working on? New month, new start! Are you counting down the days to any upcoming events?


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