Turning Tuesday Around – New Smoothie Shop, Alive, Review

Hey readers! I don’t know about you but I’ve had a tough week already. Yesterday my little moments of sunshine were downloading some new free wall paper for my iPhone by Victoria’s Secret Pink (you can get mobile or desktop), enjoying a sushi girls night out with my Mom and sis, and hitting the hay early after reading a little bit more of my new book, The Cuckoo’s Calling.

Today I was ready to get back at it, but my morning didn’t start so well at work. I decided to focus my lunch break on turning my frown upside down. Because sometimes a girl’s gotta make her own happy. Ya know?

make your own happy

make your own happy

I kicked my bad mood to the curb over lunch thanks to some time with my old friend the elliptical machine. I was able to get two miles in under 15 min. I was pretty please because running is not my thing, and although I know the elliptical isn’t the same as running it makes me think maybe I could learn how to pace myself and train for a race.

After a few abs, next stop was finding some actual food before heading back to the office. I had to drop a package off at UPS and found this fun place to try right next-door called Alive. Alive is a new smoothie shop near my office Johnston. They make smoothies with Herbalife products. I’ve heard of Herbalife before, but I’ve never tried their products.

With just about 100 different smoothie options all ranging from 220-240 calories, I was just a little overwhelmed!

Ginormous smoothie menu

Ginormous smoothie menu

Thankfully the workers were very friendly and helpful! They let me know that all of their smoothies contained 28 grams of protein with the option to add more. They graciously walked me through their menu.


I went with option 2, which they let me know was most popular. With their help, I decided to try the Crunchy Carmel smoothie. It was delicious. The crunch reminded me of crushed up graham crackers.

IMG_1080While I was waiting for my smoothie I got iced tea. They had 5 different flavors. I went with Raspberry. I also got an aloe shot which I just added to my tea thanks to the recommendation of a fellow customer. The aloe is said to aid digestion. The tea was a nice balance to the sweetness of the smoothie. The tea supposedly burns 150 calories. How? I’m not quite sure. I felt a little bad drilling the girls with so many questions, and they didn’t have any informational flyers. Next time, I go back I hope the owner is there so I can get all my questions answered!


back at work with the goodies

Back at work with my goodies, and a smile on my face, my coworker and fellow workout enthusiast was jealous of my haul. I think I might have some friends joining me on my next trip.

Tonight after work I’ll be coaching two Kosama kickboxing classes, my fav, and letting out any leftover aggression I may have from this morning! Exercise is such a great stress reliever.

After that, date night in with the Mr., a new episode of Suits is on. I love it when we have a show we both enjoy watching.

How’s your Tuesday treatin’ ya?

Have you ever tried Herbalife?


3 thoughts on “Turning Tuesday Around – New Smoothie Shop, Alive, Review

  1. We have a similar smoothie joint by my house and it is a little overwhelming at first but they are super helpful! Last time I was there I went with a “snickers” protein smoothie and it was unbelievable!

  2. So happy your Tuesday was turned around!! Stop back at Alive and we will treat you to a special recipe for this awesome write up!!

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