My Love For MyZone, More Than A Heart Rate Monitor

Good Afternoon All!

I decided it was about time I talked a little bit about my love for MyZone. I’m sure after this post you will be looking into this super cool technology for yourselves and/or asking for it at your local gym!

my MyZone belt

my MyZone belt

I was first introduced to MyZone as a Kosama member. Kosama started implementing the MyZone technologies in their facilities about a year ago.

How Does It Work?

Users purchase a MyZone belt and wear it as they would any other heart rate monitor while they work out

While exercising the user’s data is either stored in the belt’s memory or displayed live if at a MyZone enabled facility.

Stored data can be uploaded wirelessly once a user visits a MyZone enabled facility

After an exercise or an upload a confirmation email is sent to the user.

User’s login to their account to view tracking tools, set up personal goals and participate in competitions.

What Makes It Great

The MyZone technology is really at its best when displayed live at a facility. Each user pops up on the screen when wearing their belt in their own little bubble. Users identifying their bubble with a nickname of their choice the picked during the registration process. So what is so cool about this bubble? The bubble displays the users heart rate, % of maximum heart rate, calories burned and MEPs. The displayed data helps both the user and the instructor.

The user can see where their heart rate is at so they know whether to pick up the pace or catch their breath a bit. Because their belt is individually tailored to their height, weight and gender they get a personalized display of how their body is working. The belt will adjust with the user over time as their resting heart rate adjusts, and their fitness level changes.

1209397_10151558853376739_699344344_nThe bubbles are also color-coded according to heart rate zones. With gray being the lowest followed by blue, green, yellow and finally red. These color-coded zones help both user and instructor. Kosama has utilized these colors as they write their programing so users know at every point during their workout what color zone they should aim to be in. Furthermore the colors allow the trainer to get an accurate read of how their class is doing. Are they working hard? too hard? or not hard enough? This lets the trainer make modifications as they teach and also allows them to cue different exercises or modifications for those in different zones, so each and every user can get their best workout in.



For any users who are worried about their heart rate info being visible to others, they can choose to remove their bubble from the screen, though I have found while some members were concerned about this at first most are no longer worried. Because the belts are tailored to you and your fitness level, everyone is solely competing against themselves and their own personal best and thus are on a fairly level playing field.

For instance this picture shows my PR for MEPs thus far, but if you look at my calories and MEPs in my PR compared to my calories in MEPs from last night’s kickboxing class you can see that my belt has adjusted since I obtained my PR. I would no have to burn more calories to get the same number of MEPs. This is some really smart technology! Check back in for another post on MyZone this week and their cool scale the Tanita!

Have you used MyZone?

What feature is most appealing?


Overcoming Obstacles: Exercise Binging

We all have issues and problems to overcome in all aspects of our life including on our journeys to fitness. This honest post by fellow blogger Simplifying Sam, inspired me to share one of the biggest obstacles I faced in trying to incorporate exercise as a part of my lifestyle.Screen Shot 2013-07-16 at 6.42.32 PM

All About It

My struggle with exercise binging began in high school the glory days for some and the horror days for others. Note, mine were the horror days you couldn’t pay me to repeat them despite how tempting a summer vacation might sound it would definitely not be worth it. Like many teenage girls, I struggled with body image and never seemed to be able to live up to this unrealistic ideal I had in my head. I loved food especially sweets and grew to view exercise as a form of punishment for those indulgences. Instead of going to the gym on a regular basis for a reasonable amount of time, I would rarely go but force myself to do marathon workouts when I did get there. Therefore, I never wanted to go to the gym because I felt like I had to do these super long workouts once I got there ( and I ain’t got time for that). It was all or nothing, go big or go home and that was not a recipe for success, but I didn’t have to tell you that.

Turning It Around

Photo from

Eventually, I worked past many of my body image issues which wasn’t easy and was a big win (oh and I graduated high school too #winning). In doing so I stayed away from the gym awhile, which is probably what I needed at the time. I eventually came to the point where exercise began to interest me again but for health reasons, such as stress relief, this time not because I felt like I’d had too many cupcakes. I was worried I might go back to my old ways, so I knew I needed to try a different approach this time.

How I Overcame It

I decided that trying a fitness class might be ideal for me because someone else would be instructing me on what exercises to do and the class would be for a set time so when the class was over I could be done. I wouldn’t need to question whether I got a good workout in that day. I would know.

I decided to try Kosamaย and it was the perfect solution for me. Not only were the instructors great but the workouts were tough and gave me goals to push myself. The workouts were only an hour. I was doing something good for my body and my mind yet it was something I could maintain. Best of all I enjoyed it and I loved the way it made me feel. This past October, I met another goal of mine which was becoming an instructor at Kosama after taking their classes for a year. I’m finding that fitness is a passion of mine, and I’m loving exploring it. Who would have known?

What are some struggles and obstacles you have faced/are facing on your fitness journey?